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Christmas Day Lunch

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Lots of great tips for the best roast potatoes and wine too match your turkey feast!

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Wild about Wild Mushrooms on Bruschetta

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Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

It’s not the first time i’ve mentioned that this is my favourite time of year and what better way to hunker down in the autumn evenings than to a light, delicious and simple supper of sauteed wild mushrooms, poached egg, rocket and parmesan on toasted bruschetta.

This delightful dish is tasty, quick and easy and would make a great starter, lunch or light supper.


Serves 2

Approximately 300g wild mushrooms (pick your favourite wild varieties and mix with chestnut mushroom or button too)

2 slices of good quality bruschetta style bread ciabatta or sourdough will do ( I chose an Italian style bread readily available in waitrose or other good supermarkets)

2 cloves of garlic, 1 sliced the other whole (or more if you’re in the mood)

2 handfuls of rocket

25 g grated parmesan cheese

3 slices of streaky bacon

2 free range eggs (poached ahead of time for 3 minutes in boiling water and left in iced water ready to refresh before serving)

olive oil


Clean the mushrooms with a little pastry brush to be sure of removing any dirt or grit and slice together with the button and or chestnut mushrooms.

Fry the mushrooms in a little olive oil and cook down until they are no longer soggy in their own juices add the chopped streaky bacon and cook until crispy together with one of the sliced garlic cloves.








Toast your ciabatta or sourdough slices and rub with the garlic clove and drizzle with a little olive oil.

In a pan of boiling water refresh your poached egg or cook from scratch.

Layer the mushrooms, bacon and garlic mix on top of the toast, place the egg on top, scatter with the rocket and grated parmesan.


Beautiful Beetroot Bruschetta

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Happy Beetroot Bruschetta

I was lucky enough to be given some home grown beetroot and little gem lettuce, and in order to enjoy both in their full glory I thought this excellent summer bruschetta dish was the perfect place to showcase their colour and flavour.


2-3 medium beetroots

1-2 packets good quality goats cheese

2 little gem/baby gem lettuce

1 can artichoke hearts

Bruschetta bread

Olive oil


White wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar


The beetroot can be a little fiddly but worth the effort after boiling for 20-30 minutes until tender. Then with gloves to avoid pink fingers peel when a little cooled and chop into nice chunky pieces. Marinade in a little white wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

I bought some really good quality toasting bruschetta bread whic I grilled and rubbed with a little garlic and olive oil.

Wash the lettuce and cut into chunks, similar in size to the beetroot, arrange the with the beetroot, artichoke and some crumbled goats cheese onto the bruschetta and drizzle with a little olive oil and balsamic to taste.

Tuck in and enjoy the summery vegetable delights!

Tasty Tomatoes!

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Tasty Tomato Salad

This tasty beef tomato and mozarella salad with a little torn basil is about as simple a dish as it gets. The beauty of this bright, happy summer salad stands and falls on the quality of the produce and without a great beef tomato or a juicy mozarella then forget about it!

My local market stall has been showcasing the beefiest, reddest juiciest tomatoes for the last couple of weeks and I thought what better way to showcase their red flesh than in this Italian classic. I used Garofola Buffalo Mozarella and a little torn basil from my little windowsill plant. A good quality extra virgin olive oil and a splash or aged balsamic. Some maldon sea salt gets the tomatoes juices flowing!

Serve with a little glass of Valpolicella, we are thinking Italian after all!

It really was a simple as that and just as tasty…

Wild About Wild Garlic

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Wild Garlic Soup

If you’re lucky enough to have a little countryside nearby or a little forested woodland then you will be familiar with the smell of wild garlic at this time of year. Picked fresh and used that day the smell and taste is a delight to the senses and served as this vibrant green soup with a little cheesy puff pastry twist….welll it’s heaven on a plate, or should I say bowl.

This recipe is one I found on the internet, I did not use the garlic flowers as a garnish however: wild garlic soup

I did however buy some puff pastry rolled it out to the thickness of 2 pound coins. Sliced into strips and grated a little parmesan on top, then gently twisted into shape onto a baking sheet. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200C or gas mark 6 for around 10-15 or until golden brown.

Serve with piping hot wild garlic soup. Enjoy….

If you fancy a little tipple with this a Spanish white Albarino with its refreshing acidity works well…

Rareing to go Rib of Beef…

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Roast Rib of Beef with Braised Onions, Mushrooms, Mini Roast Potatoes and Asparagus

We were lucky enough to be given a beautiful rib of beef over the weekend which turned out to be the tastiest I have tried in a long while. The beef in the dish is the star of the show followed closely behind by the English asparagus, yes again!Like many of the dishes I describe on this blog the methods are not hard and fast but a general guideline.

Ingredients (serves 2 with leftovers)

1 small rib of beef

4 potatoes (Maris Piper) chopped into small chunks

2 bunches of asparagus

2 onions sliced

1 packet of button mushrooms sliced

1 head of garlic sliced into across its equator

balsamic vinegar for dressing

olive oil

herbs rosemary, marjoram or similar will do.


(Oven 200C)

The beef was sealed in a large frying pan until it developed the maillard effect or dark golden brown hue. It was then lightly seasoned and placed in the oven to roast along with (in a separate pan) small roast potatoes which I cooked from raw,  together with some olive oil, garlic, rosemary and marjoram.

The potatoes take around 40 minutes if chopped small so I placed them  in the oven around 10 minutes before the beef. The beef I cooked for 18 minutes per pound and was served medium so was medium to firm to the touch.

The onions were sliced and fried in a little olive oil together with some sliced mushrooms and a splash of madeira or sherry. These were cooked gently whilst the beef was cooking until it developed into a soft delicious umame packed side dish.The Asparagus were lightly blanched then refreshed  in some boiling water just before serving up.

The meat rested whilst the rest of the dish was brought together. Yum!