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Spring Wedding Cake

In Baking, Cakes, Cooking, food, Food and Drink on April 18, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Dotty about Dots

As some might have gathered I am rather partial to the sugar arts so it was my great privilege to make this spring time wedding cake which played a part in celebrating the happy couple’s special day. If you’d like to know how the design came about and how the cake was made then read on…

I was lucky enough to have pretty much free rein on the design and so decided on a three tier cake. The base, ten inches in diameter was a rich fruit cake fed for a month with a tablespoon of brandy each day. It was what I call a hiccup cake or boozy to some!

The happy couple wanted chocolate to feature so the middle eight inch tier was a rich chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate ganache.

The top tier was a six inch lemon drizzle cake with lemon curd buttercream filling. My personal favourite and made extra special as the smallest of the tiers made it the most sought after when it came to handing out the cut up cake.

The decoration was simple, each tier was covered with marzipan and finally white fondant icing. A good tip is to work quickly with fondant icing, and roll out in the morning. The warmer the day becomes the more it’s prone to crack and split.

The bottom two tiers were strengthened with four dowling rods and the cakes glued together with sugar paste softened to make a glue with a little vodka.

Pink ribbon matched the beautiful flowers hand tied by the brides mother and the baby’s breath made a welcome addition of nature to the top and bottom of the cake.

As for the dots, small ones were cut out for the top tier which increased in size to the bottom tier. The bride felt this added a little bit of fun to a formal cake and I like to think lifted the cake to extra special.

I loved making this cake and seeing it in the old barn setting of the wedding venue brought it to life. I hope you like it too, if so there will be more cakes to come…

  1. This is a very elegant wedding cake =)
    Very, very well done!

  2. Such a stunning design and beautiful attention to detail. I love the baby’s breath flower with that pristine icing/fondant 🙂

  3. What a beautiful cake — and it sounds absolutely divine! Lemon, chocolate and fruitcake layers? I think I would’ve been trying to have a piece of each. 🙂

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